Year 2

In Year 2 the children are leaders of their own learning and thrive on exciting experiences that will develop them as independent individuals. They are experts who build knowledge and understanding with a drive for excellence. They have pride and ambition and are role models within the school community.

This term the children will develop their skills as authors as they explore stories, poems and non-fiction texts. The story ‘A River’ by Marc Martin will stimulate their imagination and creativity as they voyage through the pages. Our class text ‘Paddington’ will take us on even more adventures around the world.

Our local area is the focus of our geography learning this term. The children will become navigators using maps to identify the human and physical features around them and explore what it means to live and work in the community of Waddington.

In history we will be travelling back through time when we visit Mrs Smith’s Cottage in Navenby. We will explore historical artefacts and recreate life as it was in the past.

Becoming skilled horticulturists will be the focus of our science learning as we cultivate a wealth of fresh produce in our garden. We will learn the process of how plants grow and the conditions that they need to thrive.