Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 class page! Year 2 is such an exciting year at All Saints; it is very busy with lots of interest learning and brilliant opportunities.

In Year 2 the children are leaders of their own learning and thrive on exciting experiences that will develop them as independent individuals. They are experts who build knowledge and understanding with a drive for excellence. They have pride and ambition and are role models within the school community. In Year 2, we all work together, to achieve our very best and take pride in our learning. We look after our friends and come to school ready to learn and have fun.

In Year 2 this year, the following adults are here to help:

Mrs Wright – Class Teacher

Mr Bilsborough – Class Teacher

Mrs Jackson – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Newton – Learning Support Assistant

Autumn Term- What will we be learning?

This term the children will develop their skills as authors as they explore stories, poems and non-fiction texts. They will start to develop their writing skills at the beginning of the year using the story ‘House Held Up By Trees’. This is a beautiful story that will inspire them to write about their homes and the beauty of nature around them. The school environment and the changing seasons will inspire them to create poetry and learn about how the plants grow and change around them.

The structures within our school and local area will provide them with ideas about how to make their own structures in DT where they explore how to make structures secure and stable.

In history they will be travelling back through time when they visit Mrs Smith’s Cottage in Navenby. They will explore historical artefacts and recreate life as it was in the past.

Our local area is the focus of the geography learning this term. The children will become navigators using maps to identify the human and physical features around them and explore what it means to live and work in the community of Waddington.

Becoming skilled horticulturists will be the focus of the science learning as they cultivate plants in the classroom and the garden. They will learn the process of how plants grow and the conditions that they need to thrive.

In maths this term, they will begin by developing their fundamental place value skills looking at numbers to 100 and counting in multiples. They will then move on to being master mathematicians looking at addition, subtraction and shapes.

Our curriculum plan

Please have a look at our curriculum overview below which shows the curriculum content and the topics for this academic year.

The Knowledge Organisers below, also include key vocabulary and knowledge for each subject.

Please check back- knowledge organisers coming soon!

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Reading at home

All pupils have a reading folder, containing two books and a reading record.

They will bring home a reading practice book which will be matched to their phonic ability. They will be able to read this fluently and independently.

They will also bring home a sharing book, your child will not be able to read this on their own. This book is for you to both read and enjoy together.

Children are expected to read their practice book at least three times a week.

Books must be brought back into school every Friday to be returned so that new books can be issued.

Reading Records

These should be used by parents to capture the individual child’s reading journey. When you hear your child read their practice book, please record this in the reading record.  These will be checked and stamped by the teacher every Friday when they return their books and swap them for new ones.

For more information on how to support reading at home, please click here:

 ‘7 Top Tips to Support Reading at Home’.

Click here to see the top 100 reads for Year 2.


Each week your child will need to complete the following homework. This will support your child to build the core skills that are important foundations for all learning:

  • Reading: Read 3 times a week and use your child’s reading record to write down comments about their reading of that book.
  • Maths: Complete the activities that your child’s teacher will set on Sumdog for Maths learning. (If you are unable to access online homework, please let the class teacher know and we will make alternative arrangements.)
  • Spelling: You will receive a copy of your child’s spelling assessment, which will be updated every half-term. Please practise the spelling and reading of these words.

Children will receive an Attitude and Achievement stamp for completing all homework on a fortnightly basis. This will be recorded in their Role Model and Citizenship record. 

Additionally, personalised homework may be sent out as required.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you would like to make an appointment, please contact the school office.