Year 2 Autumn Term

This term the children will develop their skills as authors as they explore stories, poems and non-fiction texts. They will start to develop their writing skills at the beginning of the year using the story ‘House Held Up By Trees’. This is a beautiful story that will inspire them to write about their homes and the beauty of nature around them. The school environment and the changing seasons will inspire them to create poetry and learn about how the plants grow and change around them.

The structures within our school and local area will provide them with ideas about how to make their own structures in DT where they explore how to make structures secure and stable.

In history they will be travelling back through time when they visit Mrs Smith’s Cottage in Navenby. They will explore historical artefacts and recreate life as it was in the past.

Our local area is the focus of the geography learning this term. The children will become navigators using maps to identify the human and physical features around them and explore what it means to live and work in the community of Waddington.

Becoming skilled horticulturists will be the focus of the science learning as they cultivate plants in the classroom and the garden. They will learn the process of how plants grow and the conditions that they need to thrive.

In maths this term, they will begin by developing their fundamental place value skills looking at numbers to 100 and counting in multiples. They will then move on to being master mathematicians looking at addition, subtraction and shapes.