First Aid and Medicines

First Aid and Medicines in School


If your child feels poorly in school, we will assess the situation and ensure they are comfortable, have had a drink and some fresh air. If the decision is made that a pupil is not well enough to remain in school we will call parents/carers to inform them.

Some illnesses have an exclusion period in order to avoid infecting others. Please consult with us if you are unsure about your child’s condition.

Please click here to access ‘Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings’.

Minor Injuries

If your child receives a minor injury they will be treated by a member of staff. Following this they will usually return to their normal school day.

More significant injuries

If the first aider is concerned that the injury may be more severe then we will call parents to inform them via telephone.

All incidents of First Aid are logged onto ‘Medical Tracker’, this system automatically generates an email which is sent to parents/carers to inform them of the nature of the injury and the first aid provided. These emails are sent out before the child goes home to ensure that the parents/carers are aware.

On the rare occasion that an ambulance is required for a child, the parents/ carers will be contacted as soon as possible. The child will always be accompanied to hospital by a member of staff if the parent/carer cannot get to the school in time.

 Further information can be found in our First Aid Policy.

We have staff across the school who are first aid trained, and the following staff hold paediatric first aid qualifications:

Ms A Harrison, Mrs S Jackson and Mrs A Roper.

Medicines in School

Medicines for short term illnesses will generally not be administered to pupils by staff. Where pupils need medicine administered over a long period of time, please contact the school office to make the necessary arrangements.

Further information can be found in our Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions.

Please ensure that you keep us up to date with any changes to:

  • Your current contact information.
  • Your child’s medical condition. This includes changes to ongoing medication or newly diagnosed medical issues for example asthma, eczema.
  • Your child’s Allergies.