Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Your first year in Key Stage Two gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and learn many new ones.

During the year, you will continue to develop your independence and grow as individuals. We have a wonderful, caring staff team to support, inspire and motivate you to grow and become a life-long learner. We are always here with a smile and helping hand, to encourage you to reach your full potential.

You will be surrounded by a culture of mutual respect, we encourage kindness, tolerance and care for others. We work within a positive environment where taking risks is encouraged and making mistakes are proof that you are trying and used to help us improve and develop our understanding.

In Year 3, we understand the importance of asking questions! We learn about how to ask and answer different types of questions so that we can find out new things. By asking questions, we learn collaboratively, through exploring and investigating to find answers together. Through irresistible learning opportunities, you will develop the confidence to work as experts across the curriculum.

This term many exciting learning experiences await you!

We are Scientists!

As scientists, you will learn about types of nutrition and identify the diets of different animals including birds. You will learn how nutrients, water and oxygen are transported within animals, be able to explain the importance of skeletons and make comparisons between animals and humans. You will also learn about muscle and joints.

As artists, you will explore landscapes and how artists represent them. You will learn how artists use colour to create a mood and understand how colour affects the viewer. You will understand the composition and viewpoints of landscapes and create a piece in the style of David Hockney.

We are Historians!

As historians, you will explore who the Romans were and where they fit along the timeline. We will find out about famous Romans such as Caesar, Claudius and Boudicca and the impact that they had, alongside how they influenced our lives today through their legacy.


PSHE is an important strand that runs throughout all of our curriculum. This term our focus is upon how to keep ourselves healthy, thinking about the importance of mental and physical health, keeping our brain and bodies healthy, exercise and sleep.

Within PE, we will working with DanceNK to linked to our history theme, alongside key skills and daily active blasts.