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Dear Parents and Carers

Progress and Recovery Plan

Since the children returned at the start of March, we have been following our plans to ensure that children are supported to get back on track emotionally, academically and socially. We are thrilled at the way that this is progressing. For most year groups this is a 15 month program, but our year 6 pupils needed to be fast tracked because they have less time to secure recovery. Their academic progress has been our greatest initial priority, so we have frontloaded this for them. This week, they have enjoyed a SATs week as they traditionally would, including the special treat of a ‘SATs Breakfast’ each day. We wanted to do this to see if we have been successful in getting them back on track and to identify what we need to target further after half-term. Their results have been stunning! In Reading 94% met the expected standard and 64% the higher standard of Greater Depth. The Grammar results were 98% expected and 52% Greater Depth and Maths was 96% and 24%. We would like to congratulate all of the children and staff that have taught them for their amazing and pandemic defying achievements.

Face coverings

212 parents voted to make face coverings outside of the school building optional. Thank you for supporting this measure which will now be relaxed and kept under review. All other restrictions will remain in place until the DfE guidance changes. This includes the requirement for parents to keep moving and follow the one-way system with set times for entry.

Please be aware that 97 parents voted to keep face coverings, so there is a high number of people that will be concerned by this outcome. Can we request that you respect the social distance of other adults,  particularly those wearing a mask, keeping entrances free from obstruction, so that they are able to feel safe.


We have become increasingly frustrated that our efforts to keep everyone safe has restricted our opportunities to share the wonderful things that we are achieving at this school. This is why we have started a Facebook page to give us chance to showcase some of the wonderful learning and experiences that are going on. There are two ways to access this information. If you have a Facebook account go to click the three dots and follow the page. If you don’t have a Facebook account, go to the school website and click ‘Newsletter’.

Parental photo preferences are always taken into account before posts are published.

Google Classroom Project

Having worked so hard with us over the past year or so, you will be all too aware of our work to develop very high quality remote learning. Hopefully there will not be a time when we find ourselves needing this again, but the possibility remains and we must be ready. Since November 2020, we have been increasingly interested in the possibilities that ‘Google Classroom’ offers and have been working to access this. We were delighted when LEAD agreed this month to let us trial this on behalf of the Academy Trust.

As we have looked more deeply into this resource, we have a growing awareness of its potential to add value to our work with children even when schools are fully open. Over the coming weeks, the children will be trying this out and we will let you know how we get on. One thing is certain, should we have the need to teach remotely again, it is a far more user friendly experience and will give children greater opportunity to work independently.


After a period of staff stability, we have news of some changes. We would like to congratulate Miss Ware, Miss Opie and Mr Lawrence who have all successfully secured new jobs from September to progress their careers. We are also very much looking forward to welcoming Miss Larkin, Miss Ramm and Miss Stuttard to our teaching team. We hope they will all be very successful and happy in their new jobs.

Half Term

Thank you for your continuing support. We hope that you will have a lovely week and bank holiday and that you will have opportunity to enjoy the overdue sunshine and warmth.