Pastoral Support at Waddington All Saints

Welcome to the Pastoral Support section of our website. Here you will find information about the things that we do to support our children and families.

Mrs Kelly DudleyMrs Charlie Cain
ELSA-Emotional Literacy Support AssistantPastoral Support Assistant

Supporting Children

Our Pastoral Team offers support to children who are experiencing a range of difficulties that have become a barrier to their learning, this may include: behavioural, social interaction and attendance. Our main aim is to support these children to get back to their learning. To do this we use a variety of approaches which are tailored to individual need. This is often through one-to-one or within small group work to help them develop coping strategies, enhance motivation and self-esteem and raise their aspirations.

Our Team provide friendly and confidential support for your child within a safe environment. They guide and listen to the child, developing a plan alongside parents and teachers as appropriate and this ensures an open and supportive relationship.

Support available includes:

  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Small group work
  • ELSA interventions
  • Support for children who are negatively impacted upon by Service life. (Please see our ‘Support for Service Families’ page for further information)
  • Providing effective and efficient communication between parents/carers, teachers and outside agencies as required.

A member of the pastoral support team is usually available on the playground- they can often be found arranging games for the children to play! This is because break times are often a time when children want to talk.

Supporting Families

We recognise that parents and carers play an essential role in their children’s lives and that at times this is not easy and does not come with a manual. All families may need support at one time or another, and while most of the time this can be worked through within the family, sometimes families may need a little extra help.

Our Pastoral Team work within the ‘Early Help Process’ to provide support, advice and information to families within the school community. Our aim is to help empower parents and carers, to find resources within themselves, to be able to make positive changes to support their families. We will also signpost parents and carers to additional support that is available within the local community, for example: parenting courses.


  • Parents/carers – if you have a pastoral concern regarding your child, in the first instance please speak to your child’s class teacher. They will discuss with you how we can best support this and make a referral to the Pastoral Support Team if required.

Parents are able to complete a deployment form to request Military Support for their child/children. This is available from the school office or on the ‘Support for Service Families’ part of the website.

  • Pupils – we always encourage pupils speak to their class teacher in the first instance. Any child in the school can speak to a member of the team at playtimes if they feel they have a problem or a worry. 

We have referral systems in place for the different aspects of pastoral support in school, this is so we can ensure that this resource is directed in a fair and equitable way, to meet the needs of pupils across the school. All teachers are able to refer a child.