Year 4

It is wonderful to welcome you to the ‘super’ Year 4 Class page. As superheroes we are brave, strong and fearless and embrace challenges. We are very excited to take you on a journey to build your independence, challenge skills and develop a love of learning and thirst for knowledge.  

We are a caring staff who will believe in you, will work alongside you and support you to be the best you can be. We invite you to join us for irresistible learning, in a ‘super’ environment for the opportunity to be the best version of you.  

In Year 4 we have a ‘super’ time exploring and learning. As super heroes, we take on many roles. We will be Scientists investigating the digestive system- be prepared to get ‘super’ messy! As Historians, we travel back in time, to discover what life was like in Ancient Rome – be prepared to be involved in a Roman battle! We develop our creativity. As artists we will explore colour, paint and study artists such as David Hockney. As musicians we will have a wonderful opportunity to work with an expert musician to teach us how to play, compose and perform on the hand chimes. 

We love to use technology as a tool to support our learning as well as taking part in plenty of creative and collaborative opportunities. Within our maths learning, we like to tackle challenges and solve problems – we love presenting our learning in different ways. In literacy, we just LOVE to read and we enjoy working in response to a key text.  Reading is definitely one of our super powers and is at the heart of our learning. 

We take great pride in our class and home learning as we understand the importance of becoming responsible, independent learners and believe that this happens best when school and family work together. Being in Year 4 is hard work, but we are passionate about our learning and are so proud of what we can achieve together. 

In Year 4, we are provided with a range of opportunities to showcase our talents and discover new ‘super powers’. We are focused on our goals and what we need to do to achieve them. We encourage one another to try our best but most of all, we have fun and enjoy being part of our ‘super’ team.