Year 5 – Autumn Term

This term our main topic is Rivers. We will be developing our geography skills by identifying key features of rivers and will be using maps to identify important rivers in the world.

In our Science lessons we will be learning about Earth and space and forces. During these sessions we will be investigating scientific theories as well as finding out about planets and the moon. After half term, we will then be learning about Forces!

We have an exciting project in Design and Technology this term as we will be investigating cam mechanisms building up to making our own moving toys.

Maths this term will start with Place Value where we will find out more about the number system and how we can use this for different calculations. We will also move onto the four operations for calculating.

We have a wide range of writing opportunities this year starting with linking to our river topic we will be creating poems and setting descriptions and non-chronological reports. We will also be completing writing linked to our science work creating explanation texts linked to the Mars rover.

This term we will be reading :

Wonder by P.J Palacio
Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Royce