Reception Summer Term

During the first part of the summer term, we will be focusing on the exploration of mini beasts. This will include opportunities to look in a range of non-fiction books to learn more about mini beasts, explore our understanding in provision and also go on lots of mini beast hunts to see what we can find in our school environment. We will even get a chance to fill our own mini beast hotel to attract the mini beast too!

To begin to develop our understanding of the wider world, we will be learning about different continents and some of the countries within them, including African countries such as Nigeria, Asian countries such as Japan and European countries too. Through provision, books and maps we will explore where these are, and learning facts about the animals that live there, different cultures and communities and landmarks too.

For the second half of the summer term, our focus will be on fairy tales and traditional tales, including castles too. We will explore a range of fiction books to broaden our reading experiences and will retell stories using props, costumes and role play areas. This will also link into our writing skills, where we will focus on extending our writing and using story telling vocabulary.

Throughout the summer term, we will continue to embed our key mathematics skills, including knowledge and understanding around addition, subtraction, doubling and sharing and will demonstrate this understanding in a variety of different ways.

In the outdoor area we will have lots of opportunities to refine our gross motor movements and we are particularly excited to use skipping ropes and big balls for aiming, throwing and kicking. Also we are looking forward to taking part in PE sessions with our Premier Education coach through the summer term!