Year 6 Summer Term

The summer term has arrived in Year 6 and we are all very excited to continue to work hard, further develop our skills and deepen our knowledge. Additionally, we are looking forward to celebrating our success with the culmination of our primary journey. This term, we will continue to rise to challenges and setting personal goals ready for our next steps.          

This term, our non-core learning will focus on the Industrial Revolution. The children will explore how the Industrial Revolution brought about many significant changes which has helped the United Kingdom to be at the forefront of industry. Alongside this, they will investigate the rise of the steam engine and the innovative inventions that still impact the world today. In addition, the students will research significant events and people in response to historical enquiry questions.

In computing the Year 6 students will explore the use of 3D creation software, through the use of TinkerCad. They will explore the use of the program to manipulate 3D shapes to design and create 3D models of everyday products which focuses on exploring. As Scientists, we will focus on inheritance and evolution before moving on to animals including humans where we will focus on the circulatory system.   

Our love of reading in Year 6 continues to grow and we will continue to explore extracts from a variety of text types and genres, as well as through our love of reading sessions, visiting our reading buddies and taking part in book club.  

The books we will focus on this term will be: ‘Darwin’s Dragons’ by Lindsay Galvin and ‘The Final Year’ by Matt Goodfellow.

In writing, we will be exploring writing to entertain through suspense extracts and writing to discuss through balanced arguments before moving onto Shakespeare.

In Maths, we will be consolidating our knowledge and understanding of statistics, shape and position and direction. Additionally, we will apply our understanding of KS2 maths through problem solving and mastery reasoning.

Please have a look at our curriculum overview below which shows the curriculum content and the topics for this academic year.