School Closure Due To Water Leak – 2 days

Dear Parents

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that we will have to close the school for two days, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th March.

A water pipe under the lower Key Stage 2 classes has developed a serious leak. This is not currently causing any issues with the flow of water to toilets and taps, so there is no issue today other than the loss of water. We have had contractors out to it yesterday and today and they have advised that they will need to dig holes in the floor to locate the leak. The leak will then have to be repaired and the area made safe. The water will be turned off from 4:30pm today until the leak has been repaired. We are confident that the school will be open on Thursday, even if contractors are still needed to make the area good.

We recognise that this closure will cause you a level of inconvenience for which we are deeply sorry, but unfortunately without access to water the school cannot open. Obviously, the Covid-19 situation has resulted in schools considering how they will maintain education if they had to close. We will use this closure to begin to trial our contingency plans for such a situation.

We will be putting some learning on Seesaw and Tapestry over the next two days. We recognise however that the short notice may mean that some children may not be able to do this work. They should not worry if this is the case. If you do want your child to continue their learning over the next couple of days, we want to ensure that you can.

The contractors are confident that the school will be able to open with water on Thursday. We will be in contact with you, through Weduc, to update you on Wednesday.

Once again, we are very sorry to inconvenience you and thank you in anticipation of your support.

Kind regards
Paul Martin