Phonics and Reading

Developing the ability to read independently is an essential part of any child’s learning. At All Saints Academy, we strive to develop a passion for reading for all of our children. The love of books gives a lifetime of learning, excitement, enjoyment and the ability to learn with an eyes wide open view of the world.

At All Saints the children begin their reading journey with the opportunity to enjoy the feel and look of books, moving rapidly onto the development of their phonological awareness. This is done by following the guidance of a DFE document called Letters and Sounds – through phases of learning the children learn the basic sounds, match them to the correct letter shapes and develop the ability to decode and blend sounds.

When the children become confident with their phonics, they then move onto the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. This links to and further develops the children’s growing phonetic knowledge. When ready, the children continue their reading journey with access to books that are banded by content and ability. Teachers regularly assess the children’s reading, through assessments and guided reading sessions, to ensure that the children are being engaged and challenged by the texts they read.

Reading Vipers

We use Reading VIPERS to support children with their reading comprehension skills. All children will be working on VIPERS during class reading, whether it is reading as a class, in a small group, or one-to-one with an adult. We also encourage our parents to refer to VIPERS when they listen to their child read at home. This poster is displayed in all classrooms. Up to the end of Year 2, the ‘S’ stands for ‘Sequence’. Once children have moved into Year 3, the ‘S’ stand for ‘Summarise’, which is a more demanding skill.

In Key Stage 2 we use an online resource called ‘MyBookBlog’ to promote and develop children’s love of reading and to encourage them to read more widely for pleasure.

MyBookBlog is designed to enhance children’s journeys through well-loved stories. It supports children to choose fantastic books. Our children can then read their chosen book at home or at school and complete the activities on MyBookBlog.

MyBookBlog Parents Powerpoint

MyBookBlog Booklist