Please find information on our school curriculum below. If parents would like more information on the curriculum that their child is receiving they should, in the first instance contact their child’s class teacher, who will be happy to answer any questions.

Our Curriculum Intent

At All Saints Academy we have designed a relevant and coherent curriculum to meet the needs of the children that come here. As a school with two thirds military families, we often have children joining from other areas or leaving mid-year. We strive to ensure that our curriculum fits with a majority of children who arrive and gives a strong foundation to those that leave us, for this reason our curriculum is based upon the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Enable children to acquire knowledge and skills, which are secured through application (over time and in different contexts) in order to develop understanding (change in long term memory), and allows them to seek meaning and achieve personal growth;
  • Be built-up from a strong foundation of prior learning;
  • Be focused on the progression of content and concepts that accelerate progress;
  • Inspire children to be successful individuals: authors, mathematicians, historians, musicians , artists, sportspeople, scientists, innovators , positive citizens;
  • Be progressive and based on consolidating and revisiting content to secure progress over time;
  • Promote the core values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutal respect and tolerance, with particular regard to the current Equalities Act.
  • Prepare the children for the next stage of learning (Key Stage 1 and 2 and secondary ready), and enable them to be successful not only within school but also the wider community.

“our school is like an Aladdin’s cave, people just wouldn’t believe all the good things that go on here.” (One of our year 9 old students)

Irresistible Learning Opportunities

We believe that learning should be irresistible, so that the children cannot help but learn. These often are the ‘hook’ into the learning and are hands on, real life experiences which are highly engaging for example: a ‘real life’ alien space ship landing on the field to stimulate newspaper report writing or a CSI crime scene in science to create a ‘who’s done it?’

Visits and Experiences

Visits and experiences are carefully planned to provide the children with first-hand accounts and experiences with deepen their learning experiences. The governors in consultation with parents and our RAF community have decided to continue to use our Service Pupil Premium to fund enrichment opportunities such as visits and visitors to enhance the quality and breadth of learning experience.

All year 6 have the chance to take part in a residential visit

Extra-Curricular Offer

At All Saints Academy we aim to have a rich and varied extra-curricular offer, so that pupils can develop skills and interests that they may not experience within the core curriculum. Each year we ask the School Council to feedback on the opportunities the children would like the school to offer, we then look at how we can accommodate these requests. Extra- curricular activities have in the past, included: dance, football, netball, board games, yoga, mindfulness and cookery.

Sex and Relationship Education

Within Sex and relationship education, we aim to provide children with the knowledge and skills to cope with the physical and emotional changes of growing up.

We invite all parents to a workshop where they can view teaching materials used and discuss any concerns with a member of staff

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from any of these sessions if they feel it is necessary

For further information in relation to our curriculum please contact:

Foundation Stage Sophie Addison
Key Stage 1 Cat Wright
Year 3/ 4 Victoria Maycock
Year 5/ 6 Kirsty Webb

For more information about the National Curriculum, please click here:

Foundation Stage Curriculum Overview