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Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage

We are a supportive and approachable team who are eager to build positive relationships with you and your child. We provide a happy, safe and irresistible learning environment to ensure that your child becomes an independent and motivated learner. We will ensure that the start of your child’s journey through school is a positive and exciting experience.

Key Stage 1

We are an inspirational team, who provide a curriculum that is creative and buzzy with clear progression and challenge through a range of experiences. We want our children to be self-motivated, independent learners who contribute to a supportive, creative, positive and irresistible learning environment.

Year 3/4

We are a creative team who strive to bring imaginative, exciting and challenging learning to every child. We provide lots of irresistible opportunities within our inspiring and stimulating environments.  We believe that children learn best when they feel safe and supported and we work hard as a team to ensure that we develop the whole child.

Year 5/6

We are innovative and caring professionals. We provide outstanding opportunities to create focused, independent and motivated learners, who enjoy challenges and represent the product of our whole school. We aim to ensure all pupils are prepared to embrace their next steps, both in life and learning.




Mr P Martin

Head Teacher

Mrs Z Jepson

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs L Kirman

Team Leader

Years 1 & 2

Miss S Guy

Team Leader

Years 3 & 4

Mrs B Saville

Team Leader

Years 5 & 6

Miss S Craddock


Miss S Addison


Miss L McGill

Year 1

Mrs C Wright

Year 1 & SENCO

Mrs K Brown

Year 2

Miss L Kirman

Year 2

Miss B Opie

Year 3

Miss S Guy &
Mr Lawrence (Trainee Teacher)

Year 3

Mrs V Maycock

Year 4

Mr L Forbes

Year 4

Mrs K Wood

Year 5

Mrs S Tozer &

Miss L Ware (Trainee Teacher)

Year 5

Mrs L Strathmann

Year 6

Mrs B Saville

Year 6

Mrs N Robertson


Mrs S Walker