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General Information

Absence and Holidays

If your child is absent from school for any reason, please let us know by letter or telephone by half past nine on the first day of absence. On occasions, dental and doctor’s appointments mean that a child must leave the school premises during school time. Please let us know if this is necessary and collect him/her from school. Children are not allowed home on their own during the normal working day unless accompanied by a designated adult.

Holidays in term time

Parents are politely reminded that pupils have regular opportunities for holiday and that absence from school, for any reason, can have a negative impact on a child's educational progress and potential achievement.

The Headteacher has the power to authorise pupil absence due to exceptional circumstances, but not to grant holiday entitlement (as of 1/9/13) during term time. A request in advance from a parent to take their child of compulsory school age out of school during term time can only be granted by the school in exceptional circumstances, which could evidentially not take place during the designated holiday periods within an academic year.

It is the responsibility of the requesting parent to evidence the exceptionality of the circumstances. Parents who find themselves unable to take time off during school holidays should discuss this with their employer, not the school. For work commitments to be considered exceptional, the parent would have to be able to evidence unavoidable circumstances, which have prevented them from being with their children, for consecutive school holidays during the year. The Headteacher may determine the number of school days that a child can be away from school, as justified by the exceptional circumstances, for non-attendance during term time.

For further information:


At All Saints we have a very high expectation of uniform as it gives the children a sense of pride and of belonging to a community. We encourage all children to wear school uniform so they feel a part of this.

Our uniform is:-


Grey or black trousers/shorts

White shirt/polo T-shirt

Red jumper/sweatshirt (also available with school emblem)

Sensible, black school shoes (not trainers although children can wear them at break times whilst playing)

If you wish to purchase:


Grey or black skirt/pinafore dress/trousers/shorts

Plain grey/red/black tights

White or red gingham check blouse/white polo T-shirt

Red jumper/cardigan/sweatshirt (also available with school emblem)

In summer, red and white gingham dress

Sensible, black school shoes (not trainers although children can wear them at break times whilst playing)

If you wish to purchase:

P.E. Clothing

The kit consists of:

Indoor P.E.

Black shorts, White or red T Shirt/polo shirt (also available with school emblem)

Outdoor P.E.

Black shorts, White or red T Shirt/polo shirt (also available with school emblem)

Plimsolls/trainers, a jumper or tracksuit in our school colours (red, black, grey)

Children should have their P.E. kit in school at all times during the week. All children should have bare feet for indoor PE and trainers or plimsolls for outdoor.

Children in KS2 should have trainers for PE as plimsolls are unsuitable for the field.

All clothing must be clearly marked with the child’s full name and their P.E. clothing kept in a draw-string bag. There are school PE bags available with the school emblem.

Long hair should be tied back and earrings MUST be removed or taped (if less than 6 weeks old).


We do not encourage jewellery such as bracelets and rings to be worn by pupils in school for health and safety reasons. Stud ear-rings and watches may be worn but must be removed for all PE lessons.

Uniform Suppliers

Schoolwear Solutions
Unit 2
The Pelham Centre
Canwick Road
Lincoln   LN5 8HG

01522 533459


Uniform Direct


Personal Property

We sometimes need to contact parents urgently so the school keeps a list of parent’s addresses, telephone numbers and details of particular medical conditions relevant to children in school. We must stress that it is essential this information is kept up to date and any change in circumstances are immediately supplied to the office.

Pupils are responsible for the security of their own personal possessions and are discouraged from bringing anything to school except educational equipment. All equipment and clothes should be named so that they can be returned if found.


As a general rule Health and Safety in school demands that medicines should not be brought into school, the premise being that if children need medicines they should not be in school. However, this does not apply to asthmatics or other long-term preventative medication where it is necessary to have medicines available at all times. The staff will be pleased to discuss your child’s medial needs at enrolment.

1. Medication brought to school should be handed on arrival to the office, where it will be stored safely.

2. Inhalers should be named and given to the child’s class teacher. They should not be kept by the child in a bag. As we now see a wide range of different inhalers, we would be grateful if you would provide information to your child’s class teacher as to their precise use. It is very important that we have something in writing in the event that your child is being taught by a supply teacher.

3. Permission for children to have any other medicines should be sought from the Headteacher who will normally allow a nominated representative to come into school to administer the medicine.

Child Protection

All adults who work in school as employees or volunteers have a duty of care to report any concerns they have regarding the welfare of a child to the Designated Safeguarding Lead who has regular liaison with social services and county welfare officers. Mr P Martin is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Mrs Z Jepson and Miss S Craddock are Deputy Safeguarding Leads.

Complaints Procedure


We strive to deliver the best possible education to all our pupils and to care properly for their health, safety and welfare at all times.

From time to time, however, it is possible that you feel that we have not lived up to your expectations. If this is the case please tell us. If you do not tell us we may not be aware of your concerns. Please treat us as a partner in your child’s education and keep your approach constructive and calm. We will do what we can to resolve it for you. If you feel that you wish to take a concern further please ask at the office for our ‘complaints procedure’.

The school takes out basic cover for all pupils on visits. The insurance market offers personal accident cover for pupils 24 hours a day. Parents may not be aware of this and if they wish to avail themselves of this cover for their children they should make enquiries with insurance brokers or companies accordingly.

Mobile Phones

There is generally speaking no reason why a child should need to bring a mobile phone to school.

There is never a time when a child would need to make a call or send a message during school time. If an issue arose it would be dealt with through the office in the usual way.

There is never a time when it would be appropriate for a child to receive messages or calls during the school day. To protect the safety of children all calls should come through the office.

Children should not take phones on residential visits because it significantly increases the risk of homesickness.

Children found using phones during the school day would therefore have them confiscated.

If for any reason a child does bring a phone to school they do so at their own risk. These are desirable and valuable pieces of personal property and therefore have potential to cause problems. The school will in no way be responsible for phones which are damaged or go missing.

School Fund Information

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