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Academy Consultation

Dear Parents/Carers,

We write to inform you that following agreement by the Governors, our school is now actively pursuing conversion to Academy status. We have an exciting opportunity to become part of one of the highest performing Multi Academy Trusts in this country. We believe this would be a positive move for our school providing a level of security, opportunity and sustainability for the future education of our pupils. If successful, we would aim to become an Academy by January 2018.

We are looking to join L.E.A.D. Academy Trust (L.E.A.D.) which is a Multi Academy Trust consisting of 21 schools. We are beginning a period of consultation about this and would like to provide you with as much information as possible, so that you may better understand why the school believes that this will be a positive move for our school and community in the years to come.

What are academies?

Academies are publicly funded schools, which are not controlled by the Local Authority and therefore have additional independence in a number of important areas. This greater independence brings increased responsibilities and opportunities to build upon our current success and ensure that we continue to improve our service to families in our local community.

You can view further detail on academies at the Department for Education website at:

What is / who are L.E.A.D. Academy Trust?

L.E.A.D. Academy Trust (L.E.A.D.) is a registered charity and operates a Multi Academy Trust made up of 21 schools providing the education to over 8,600 children. The impact made on schools who have joined the MAT include the following Ofsted judgements; Two schools have improved from Special Measures to Good, two schools have improved from Requires Improvement to Good, one school has improved from Satisfactory to Good, one school has improved from Good to Outstanding, three schools have maintained Good and one school has received Outstanding for a second time.  As such the Trust has a strong reputation around working alongside schools and improving their educational outcomes, whilst retaining each schools unique environment and culture.

You can view further detail on the Trust at:

Why join L.E.A.D. Academy Trust?

There are many reasons for joining L.E.A.D. Academy Trust – the main ones are outlined below:

Why Convert to Academy status?

Firstly, becoming an academy would allow us to strengthen our partnership with L.E.A.D. Our school is very successful, but this will open up further professional development opportunities for our staff, with the Trust, to sustain this success within a changing educational landscape. It will also provide opportunities for the sharing of good practice and links with schools within and beyond the local area. At present the Local Authority retain a significant percentage of our budget to provide centralised services. As an academy, we would be able to determine for ourselves which, if any, of those services we want the Local Authority to provide. Many of the traditional services provided by the Local Authority are being withdrawn as a result of enduring funding pressures and this situation is only likely to worsen. However L.E.A.D. have already developed services which the school would benefit from by joining the Trust, particularly in the central education team which will assist the school post conversion who have track record of working with successful schools.

What might change?

After conversion to Academy status we would expect you to see very little change. Our school will retain its current name (Waddington All Saints) and will retain our own unique ethos and values.  The Governing Body remains, but will be referenced as an Academy Advisory Body.

The Trust’s accountability is direct to the Department for Education rather than the Local Authority. There would be some additional financial performance management reporting to satisfy the requirements of Companies House and the Charities Commission. This burden will be managed on our behalf by L.E.A.D.


We would look for a small update to the uniform to reflect the link to L.E.A.D, but the change of uniform will be gradually implemented as time goes on towards full implementation from September 2018.

I would like to ask if, from September 2018, the academy logo on school uniform will remain optional, giving parents opportunity to purchase non-branded uniform that would be in keeping with the current school uniform policy?

The school currently already insists upon uniform, but we do not take issue if some children wear a red cardigan without a logo. It is the logo that will be changing not the expectations in relation to uniform. However, whether we academise or not, long term decisions about uniform expectations cannot be guaranteed.

What happens next?

We are now entering a consultation period running from 15th September to 13th October.   During this period we will be consulting with parents/carers, students, staff, unions, the Local Authority, the local community and local schools.

It is our intention to hold an Open Evening based at our school on 3rd October at 5pm, to provide more information and the opportunity for you to ask questions.

Should you have any comments or further queries then please e-mail us by the end of the consultation period at:

We will update a Frequently Asked Questions section on the school website with any queries that might emerge during the consultation phase. This is an extremely exciting opportunity for all the schools involved and we would welcome your engagement as we progress on our journey.

Yours sincerely

Mr P Martin (Headteacher)            Mrs J Vause (Chair of Governors)